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Welcome to Withers-KC Sanitary Supply

About Withers-KC Sanitary Supply


We have been a family-owned and operated business since 1962 and continue to operate with the same customer emphasis that began on day one.  Our "Withers Man" has been with us since 1962, as well, and continues to remind us of what makes us different:


CONSULTATION: We provide the expertise and consultation that make a difference in tackling even the most challenging cleaning and maintenance needs. 


Our staff is trained continuously on the newest products, techniques, and green cleaning advances. Our inventory is regularly updated with those products that are new to the industry and are most effective.


PRODUCTS:  We carefully evaluate products and equipment before adding them to our inventory.  You will find we have a solution for every cleaning and maintenance challenge.


RESPONSE: When you call Withers-KC Sanitary, you will always have a friendly voice answering your questions and handling your concerns.  We consider each customer of Withers-KC Sanitary as our neighbor and friend.  We will do everything we can to solve your cleaning or maintenance problem.


FORWARD FOCUS: We are always looking forward and bringing you the best in sanitary supply.  Our staff is constantly updated on the newest products, techniques, and equipment so we can bring you the best, most cost-effective solutions.


Our History


In the winter of 1961, a 60-year old bus driver regularly stopped at a local gas station along his route to use the restroom. He noticed the facility needed a reliable soap dispenser, so he asked the owner if he could provide that service. The owner agreed, and the next day the bus driver stopped at a chemical company on his route, obtained soap, and filled up the three soap dispensers at his regular gas station stop.

For the next six months, the bus driver started calling on other gas stations along his route and made them the same offer. Within a year, he quit his bus driving job and Mr. Withers went into business as a provider of soap dispenser supplies and service. He is pictured here standing next to the first VW service bus, along with his two salesmen.



Kevin Oldvader, familar with the jan/san industry from working though college pushing a broom, purchased Withers in 1990. In 2001, he bought out one of his competitors, KC Sanitary Supply and merged the two businesses.


Today, Withers-KC Sanitary Supply operates with the same focus on customer service that Mr. Withers brought to his first gas station customer nearly 50 years ago.


Customers always enjoy a friendly voice, no minimum orders, and next day delivery.



Our Staff


Lorri Miller, Office Manager


Lorri is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Withers-KC Sanitary Supply and oversees our customer service department.


She joined the Withers-KC Sanitary team in 2001 after a successful career with a Fortune 500 company and brings a combination of corporate efficiency and down-home friendliness.


Lorri invites customers to call her at anytime with questions or suggestions.




Shelly McGrath, customer service

If you have a question about products, invoices, or delivery schedules, Shelly will answer them with a smile. She has been with Withers-KC Sanitary Supply since 2005 and knows our product line from every angle.

Mark Green , warehouse manager

Mark is a seasoned professional in the jan/san industry, with over 25 years of experience. 


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